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Faster Lap Times

Understand your chassis so you can tune to win.

ABOUT CircleTrack Crew chief

The circle track crew chief app was designed to help the local Friday and Saturday night stock car team.  The apps design requires no wifi, no data, no re-occurring fees, and no commitments. 

  1. Input your tire temperatures

  2. Read the calculation 

  3. Screen shot to save to your phone

  4. Get suggestions from the app


Chassis Basics

In order to tune your race car, you need to understand what the tires are telling you.  If you understand how your suspension works, you can address the issues with more clarity.

Tire temperature is linked to 

  • Roll Center

  • Camber

  • Caster

  • Toe

  • Bump Steer

  • Tire Pressure

  • Plus much much more

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